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Plugging the gaps in Applied Management for India, "Business Management Simplified" is the book that the majority of businesses in India have been waiting for. Traditional management books are written for a sophisticated audience generally targeting large corporate set-ups, while bulk of India's businesses are in the SME segment. In fact, that is where the maximum growth potential lies. Sanjay Shah has made management thoughts and practices accessible to SMEs so that they can be applied immediately for positive results. This book is not for the bookshelf - it's for the business owners' table.
— CA Dinesh Ghalla, Partner, GBCA & Associates, Mumbai
President, Kutch Corporate Forum

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More than 90% of the world’s businesses are small or medium size enterprises. Even though these businesses play a very significant role in the world economy by generating rapid growth, creating jobs and innovating more and more, they also face peculiar challenges and problems which are generally not faced by large businesses. These businesses are vulnerable because of the absence of effective systems, processes and controls. They also face the scarcity of management and other resources. This excellent guide will help small and medium size business owners look at their businesses and examine whether their procedures adequately minimize risks and promote the best practice within the firm. "Business Management Simplified" firmly sets the agenda to effectively and efficiently organize, manage and control a small or mid-sized enterprise. An SME can overcome a lot of challenges related to internal controls, marketing, customer experience, business risk etc. if it implements the tips given in this Bible for SME businesses.
— CA Hasmukh B Vora, [B.Com., F.C.A.]

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"Business Management Simplified" is an excellent practical guide to all SME entrepreneurs. The best thing about it is its tried and tested content which has come from Sanjay's firsthand experiences with businesses of various types and sizes in different industries. This lends the book its authenticity. Going through the book we realize that this is not theoretical preaching, but they are powerful ideas which have proven themselves on the ground. This book guides an entrepreneur to be 'a true business leader'. Great effort, indeed...!
— CA Bharat Vasani, Vasani & Associates, Mumbai

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"Business Management Simplified" provides a perfect road map for SMEs and young businesspersons showing them what to do and what should be avoided along the way. The book covers all aspects of business, from planning to production, from salesmanship to sponsorship, from HRD to finance. It also covers family managed businesses and the need for external consultants. It gives broad ideas about the ideal ways of running and growing a business. This book will definitely help SMEs in saving resources in terms of man, material, money and time by applying some of the thoughts given here.
— CA Shailesh Premjibhai Chheda, [B. Com., FCA, DISA (ICA), MBA]

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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have seen exponential growth over the last decade. SMEs today serve as the backbone of the economy and serve as a huge opportunity for the future. Along with the opportunities, the SME sector also faces some management challenges for which solutions and guidance are rare and inadequate.

When I received the book “Business Management Simplified” from Sanjay, what instantly impressed me was the narrative which is practical in its approach with relevant examples and simplicity in its language. This book is a truly all-in-one answer for all the business management challenges faced by SMEs. Having successfully led several Start-Up SME ventures myself, I was able to immediately connect with the book and realized how much I would have benefitted had such a handbook been available when I started my first SME venture several years ago. This book is a practical handbook not only for the budding SME entrepreneurs or Start-Ups but also for up-and-running SMEs. Sanjay has touched upon every single aspect of an SME business and it is his eye for every detail, howsoever subtle it may be, that makes this book a highly valuable ready-reckoner for any SME. Most young entrepreneurs start a company and make it operational, too. But when it comes to scale, amongst others, factors such as how well we, as a business, understand our customers and their needs, and how robust our systems and processes are, matter the most. It is in these respects, “Business Management Simplified”, I would say, scores highly. I strongly recommend it as a “must-have” on every SME entrepreneur’s table.

SMEs are undergoing a humongous change and have increasing opportunities to showcase themselves globally. However, to attain success in the international markets, marketing and branding are very important factors. A good branding exercise builds trust, encourages loyalty and increases value. This book offers extensive insights on topics such as marketing essentials, branding and other relevant aspects, which will be very helpful for any SME entrepreneur. To weave the manufacturing fabric of any country, it is imperative that SMEs are nurtured. I congratulate Sanjay for bringing out this useful guidebook. I hope readers find this "Business Management Simplified" very useful and insightful as they strive forward to lead their organizations into the future.
— CA Paresh Rajde, Founder & Chairman, Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd.

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Being a Chartered Accountant, I have worked with people in various businesses across different industries. I have seen that entrepreneurs, having enthusiasm and optimism (these are the prerequisites for being an entrepreneur), work hard and smart, work 24x7 on the issues troubling them. They tend to seek guidance from every possible source, whether the person giving the guidance is of repute or capable or not. They are not interested in the principles of management; an entrepreneur wants a possible solution, a way out, for his problem.

In this process, he comes across various management gurus giving gyan for a cost. He discusses his problems with them, gets some feel good solutions which are nothing more than some trial-and-error experiments and sets the ball rolling. If he succeeds, the credit goes to the guru. And if he fails, the blame comes on the organization and its staff members. A clever entrepreneur has to identify the right guru who will stand by him in success as well as failures.

Coming to this book, as the name suggests, “Business Management Simplified”, is what we can call a handbook or a guide or an invisible guru, which can continuously guide you at your convenience about the minute things you should consider while solving your issues in any part of your business, be it related to sales or production or human resource. The book gives numerous examples in simple manner considering the size and type of the business.

The profound clarity given on branding is my most liked part of the book, as most of the entrepreneurs believe in a myth that development of brand is a separate and very expensive exercise. Comparing a brand with an individual, this book rightly emphasizes that brand building is a continuous exercise, that it exists in the minds of the people, as the reflection of experiences with our products, services and our organizational behavior.

The other important parts of the business where most of the entrepreneurs do not put emphasis but this book guides them about are Systems and Processes, Technology, Accounts and Finances and Reporting. Further, this book explains the importance of leadership, succession planning and most importantly, the right method of selecting and hiring gurus as consultants.

In short, whether you are a beginner in business or are already established in business or holding any managerial position in an organization, it is surely going to be a useful reference book forever to understand the nitty-gritty business aspects. This book will certainly give you a broader perspective and enhance your vision to help you achieve greater success in business.
— CA Dhiraj Satra, [B.Com., F.C.A.]
Past President, Shree Vagad Graduates Association, Mumbai

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The book "Business Management Simplified” helps one in understanding how to run and manage any business efficiently.

When a business starts, the business leader has to look after all areas of a business. He has to take care of production, marketing, sales, customer relationship, finance, human resources, administration etc. As the business grows, it becomes difficult for him to pay attention to every function within the business. He needs more management resources. Entrepreneurs have limited financial resources in the initial years. Also, every business function requires specialized knowledge. They are unable to hire functional experts to take care of all different parts of the business. But, they still have to manage various functions, with whatever limited means they have.

To meet all ends of a business is difficult in today’s dynamic and evolving, technologically changing world, this book shall be a boon to those who are in the processes of transforming their business from the traditional business practices to the new era that is developing with the changes in technology, consumer behavior, education and digital commerce.

In this book Sanjay has described management of all the business functions in the easiest manner. He has taken all the pains to clarify even the smallest points which are important to entrepreneurs. And he has elaborated them with very simple, relevant and easily understandable examples. All the examples are chosen carefully, considering the point they are supposed to emphasize. This approach has made the book very useful to entrepreneurs who can now professionally manage their business with optimum utilization of resources at hand. They can avoid management pitfalls which put brakes in their growth journey.

At the outset, I learned many new things from the book which I always wanted to implement, but however could never do so. Some of them are:

I am sure all business persons and professionals will gain a lot of benefit from the practical and useful contents of this book.
— CA Nitin Gada, [B. Com, F.C.A.], Mumbai

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ISBN: 978-8193183793

Subject: Business, Strategy & Management

Binding: Paperback

Page extent: 372

Indian Price: Rs. 400


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